How to Buy


To order any items please browse the site and add your required items to your basket.

Buy online

When you have made your selection just go to Checkout and follow our simple and secure payment process. We will then contact you, confirm we have received your order, and inform you of dispatch and delivery.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order on our website using PayPal, or your Credit / Debit cards.

Do you keep my details safe?

Whether you use PayPal or your Credit/Debit cards Cheshire High does not keep any of your personal financial details or information relating to your purchase. We use the highest level of security and we are only advised of your order when the transaction is complete. If you are using your credit or debit card you will be taken through the 3D secure system.

Our website has the extra security protection of an SSL certificate, and when on our site you will see the little green padlock in the top right corner as proof of this.

Will I get confirmation of my order?

On completion of your payment a confirmation email will be sent by us showing what you have ordered and the delivery details.